$29.95 Oil Change 3 Great Services for one Spectacular Price! Oil change includes up to 5 qts of 10w30 motor oil and new oil filter. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars/light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...] Free AC Check • Test and record vent temperature
• Gauge and record freon pressures
• Inspect components for visible leaks
• Check hose fittings & compressor
• Run performance test
*Service includes 5-step process listed above. Any additional parts or labor as well as Freon is extra. Cannot combine with any other offer.
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Check Engine Light Service

The check engine light on your car is designed to alert you to potential problems. Ignoring it is at your own peril, don’t wait until it is too late! Come to Driver's Auto Repair where we have been diagnosing all sorts of repair issues for our customers in the Spring area. Getting your car back up to optimal condition, with the check engine light off and the problem dealt with, is a task we undertake nearly every day!

What kind of problems do we commonly come across at Driver's Auto Repair? There are a few trends we have noticed at our shop in Spring, and we thought we’d share those with you. Here are the 5 most common reasons that a check engine light may come on in your car:

  • old and faulty spark plugs
  • worn out spark plug wiring causing misfires
  • a clogged up or dirty fuel injector
  • a fault in your O2 sensor
  • the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve is dirty

Your problem could be one of these, it could be something else, the only way to know is to bring your car in soon so it doesn’t become further damaged!

Call Driver's Auto Repair in Spring so that we can diagnose your problem. This will save you money in the long run as a check engine light problem usually lowers your fuel mileage!