4/18/2017 Miles Sweep All excellent
4/17/2017 Steve Dodds Fast and courteous. Always a good thing
4/16/2017 John Rubich The team is very professional. Check the tires on my daughter's tires; minimal tread wear- no issues. Oil changed, tires rotated.
4/16/2017 Darlene Bonniwell Great, friendly, fast service close to home. Convient hours areca plus too.
4/13/2017 Andy Jurasin The testing machine was finally working and the test went well, however I forgot to bring my $25 gift card or the $10 off any service card. I don't know if any of that would be applicable on the state inspection.
4/12/2017 James R Greenwald Happy
4/10/2017 Johanne Stanley Jon Hoyt is a fantastic hardworking and very knowledgeable manager He is an asset to any business You feel you KNOW your car must really need a service if he tells you about it. Usually experience people have w car repair is.... that they are beings sold a bill of goods With Jon Hoyt you WANT to repair your car! That's a great employee!
4/7/2017 Bruce Verduyn Completed oil change and inspection just as expected.
4/5/2017 S Brown Driver's have always done a good job for me!
3/30/2017 Joan Sehested We appreciate Driver's good service, big smiles and reasonable charges. Thanks again.
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