$29.95 Oil Change 3 Great Services for one Spectacular Price! Oil change includes up to 5 qts of 10w30 motor oil and new oil filter. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars/light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...] Free AC Check • Test and record vent temperature
• Gauge and record freon pressures
• Inspect components for visible leaks
• Check hose fittings & compressor
• Run performance test
*Service includes 5-step process listed above. Any additional parts or labor as well as Freon is extra. Cannot combine with any other offer.
... [more...]

Honda Service and Maintenance

The entire team here at Driver's Auto Repair is dedicated to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. We have become one of the most trusted Honda repair shops in Spring thanks to our dedication and success with following this goal. We don’t just move forward blindly at Driver's Auto Repair to accomplish this goal. Our Honda repair technicians are trained continually so that they stay up to date, the equipment at our state of the art facility is always improved upon, and our search for the best OEM and aftermarket parts in Spring never ends.

How well your next repair goes rests entirely in the hands of the Honda repair technician that you trust your car to. You can go to a back alley shop and get a great deal, but will you get a great repair? Our repair technicians at Driver's Auto Repair are some of the most accomplish car repair technicians in the Spring area. Experience, training and working often with the people of Spring has truly turned them into the team you want opening your hood.

When they do get their hands on your car they use more than just elbow grease to get your car in perfect working order. Your car also has a digital side that must be spoken to. We have been investing in computerized diagnostic equipment at Driver's Auto Repair for years. This pays off as our team is well prepared for the 21st century. Get the complete repair job your car deserves right here in Spring, call our shop today.